soke* “Fuji (不二)” literally means “not two (2).” The implication here is the connectedness of every existence in this world. For example, there is an inseparable connectedness of mind and body that cannot exist independently of one another; therefore, they are not two separate entities.
* “ryu (流)” means “in the manner/style of”.
* “Taijyutsu (体術)” means “classical form of martial art”.

Modern societies are in critical need of individuals, who possess a combination of physical strength, unyielding spirit and civility in the right balance. We, at Fujiryu-Taijyutsu, focus on acquiring all of the above through our training.

Taijyutsu originates in the traditional Japanese martial arts and inherits our ancestors’ wisdom. Fujiryu-Taijyutsu is not only about physical training but also mental and spiritual growth, because I strongly believe that sports without Samurai spirit would defeat the purpose of seeking and fulfilling one’s desire for truth.

As you practice and follow the training by learning about the great abundance of our ancestors’ wisdom, it will not only help you to excel in your physical strength and ability but also to obtain the courage and wisdom, which is needed by all of us to become improved human beings mentally and spiritually.

Personal Profile

Nickname So-ke (my close friends call me “Ryu-chan”)
Favorite words Love, Courage, Dream
Historical figure I respect Kenshin Uesugi
Favorite artist Billy Joel
The 1st music record I bought “Katte ni shiyagare” by Kenji Sawada
Favorite TV program “Sonotoki rekishi ga ugoita” (when history has moved) on NHK
Places where I feel calmness Mountains, Waterfalls
Recommended movies The Rock, Oceans 11 – 13, Castle in the Sky (Laputa)
Hobbies Reading, Golf