Objective for Incorporation of NPO Fujiryu

There has been a rapid increase in the number of societal problems such as younger generation killing themselves due to bullying by peers, acting out of control, isolating from the society and random assaults on the streets. These problems are caused by the mental side of human beings.
Human beings live well when both mental and physical conditions are met. These two, mind and body, are closely connected.
We, at Fujiryu Taijyutsu, provide training to students and also to those who want to teach Fujiryu Taijyutsu in the future. By doing so, we create a place where people in each local community can come and join the training and learn not only the martial arts but also the arts of gracious etiquette to interact with others. The training and association with others would also help increase one’s physical and mental strength to face the bullying or random incidents on the streets.
In addition, Budo (“武道”) is Japan’s intangible cultural heritage from the ancient times and we would like to pass this traditional culture down the generations.

Application for a Membership

■Annual Fee
Group, Company…¥10,000

To apply for a membership, please print the attached form, fill it out and fax to: